Persuasive speaking Study Guide and notes

Persuasive speaking Study Guide and notes



Persuasive speaking Study Guide and notes

Persuade that your fact is true. Prove that your claim is the best and defend yourself against oppositional ideas. Example: Persuade your audience that space exploration is beneficial.
Persuade that something is right or wrong, moral or immoral, valuable or worthless. Appeal to the beliefs, morality and values of your listeners. Example: Persuade your speech class mates that cheating at school is absolutely unacceptable.
Persuade that there is a problem and get the audience to agree with your solution. Motivate them to act or change attitudes, policies or policy regulations. Appeal to human needs, reason and emotion. Example: Persuade your public to keep the thermostat in your home at 68 F in winter and 72 F in summer.
Persuasive speaking speech topics tutorial on finding speech topics for a persuasive speech. You need a topic for your speech. Short and sweet, there it is in a nutshell. And you can’t think of the right thing to persuade the audience in your direction. How can you go about finding a public speaking topic to discuss that will convince, please and interest everyone and not leave them feeling that they have no interest in what you are discussing? There are myriad ways to find something to talk about, and some of them
are easy common sense methods of choosing one. Speech topics to persuade, unless it is for a specific purpose, such as the forwarding of an event of service, can be nearly anything you want! Particular favorites are your old alma mater, community values, local schools or events in your world. Chances are you are addressing people with some common interest. That alone will give a clue. Be certain that what you are discussing is of interest to them. Your persuasive speaking speech topics should be familiar to you, and if not an expert, researchable enough prior to giving the presentation.
Start the persuasive speaking speech process with brainstorming. Sit down with a pen and ask yourself, “what is interesting to this particular public and what can I offer that they would find unique and intriguing?”
E.g. To a bird-watching group, a call for action on how to save the feral cat population will probably not interest them. It may be something that could be debated, but in general persuasive speaking is presenting only your side of things. So, what are the rules? Those rules, if not outlined, are still unwritten and generated by several factors, among them, common sense.
What is the particular occasion that impels the presentation?
Does it require certain persuasive speaking speech topics or is that open to your discretion? If your answer is the latter, then the road to speech ideas is clear and you can safely assume that you may choose something you think is a reasonable topic. Move on to find one that you are realistically at ease with. If you don’t know a thing about bird watching and aren’t at ease discussing it, chances are that preserving rare Hawaiian birds is not a good speech idea. But using their interests, you can easily adapt your own to fit with what they enjoy. Put a spin on their interest and make it mesh with what you advocate for.
The best speeches are on persuasive speaking speech topics such as how and why we have to do something. An ordinairy example: when speaking to ornithologists about the urge for new classifying methods, a good speech idea might be how to get the best photo of a rare bird in flight without having a blur? How to build the proper blind or good methods of concealment?
Taking the theme of the event, giving it a twist to coincide with what you want to accomplish, and are accomplished at, and adding a how-to aspect to your persuasive speaking speech topics will always be a hit. Everyone loves to gain new information or new skills. The public will have an interest of one thing or another in common which unite them. Make their interest yours. Choose several things to add to your list. Narrow it down to just one that you feel most comfortable with. Using the example from above, make a list of what you think that has to be done to benefit the bird-watcher hobbyist who needs to categorize special birds. E.g.:
• Can you teach concealment skills?
• Are you handy with building things such as a blind, or bird feeder?
• Do you know photography well?
Go over your list of possible persuasive speaking speech topics and choose the one at which you feel the most comfortable persuading, and that you think will be of interest to the group at large, not just one or two listeners. Not everyone wants to lay concealed on the floor of the forest, so that one could be safely removed. Not everyone uses power tools to classify, so remove the bird feeder. Nearly everyone has a camera, so persuading the right settings to gain in-flight bird photos might be your best bet.
Make a persuasive speaking outline of imperative things, such as the correct camera settings, the proper shutter speed, the right flash or no flash, etc.
That will make a big difference in the overall outcome of their efforts.
Include a paragraph on each of those as you write the public speaking speech about the most effective methods to classify rare birds. Leave a few minutes after the session for questions or input about what you’ve discussed in your persuasive speaking speech topics.
Sample Persuasive Speech Outline
SUBJECT: Your persuasive speech topic.
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade the audience to...
A. Attention grabber.
B. Clarify the goal of your writing topic. By the way, don't write pursuasive speech topic, use the correct spelling! What do you want to persuade them to think, change, act or to move exactly?
C. Preview main points: Use the Roman numeral divisions of this sample persuasive outline.
D. Relate the issue to your audience.
E. Credibility: Why are you talking about this speech topic?
Transition sentence
How to make a speech outline of your key ideas? Use one of my speech outline examples. Or the Problem Solution and Monroe Motivation Sequence.
A. First Point
1. First Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
2. Second Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
3. Third Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
B. Second Point
1. First Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
2. Second Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
3. Third Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
In this sample you see 3 major points, avoid more than 5. If you don't want the sample persuasive speech outline above, then group them in the deductive speech writing format; from general to specific, or in the inductive public speaking outline; from specific to general.
C. Third Point: Deal with opposition arguments.
E.g. What will happen if you don't agree?
Like this sample persuasive speech outline:
1. First Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
2. Second Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
3. Third Subpoint
a. First Sub-subtopic
b. Second Sub-subtopic
c. Third Sub-subtopic
Transition sentence
A. Signal the end.
B. Summarize main ideas.
C. Close with a concluding device or call to action.
SUPPORTING MATERIALS: Or use another term for education resources. In this sample persuasive speech outline I used the term supporting materials.
Visual aid: If appropriate.
Documented Sources: I used APA Style in this sample persuasive speech outline.
Persuasive speech topics for free, this is a list with instant persuasive speech topic ideas for public speaking speech assignments. Example persuasive speech topics for free on various society issues:
1. Gay marriage should be an issue for the states
2. Flag burning should be prohibited.
3. Military service should be based on conduct, not sexual orientation.
4. Education, housing, and hiring must be equal for all.
5. The Ten Commandments are inherent values in schools.
6. The Patriot Act violates civil liberties.
7. The 1st Amendment is not a shield for hate groups.
8. Support affirmative action in governmental organisations.
9. Limiting immigration is limiting opportunities.
10. The police always should investigate all complaints of wife assault.
11. The amount of spam you see in your mailbox is just the tip of the iceberg.
12. Ban same-sex marriages.
13. Academic dishonesty should always be santioned by termination of student status for a specified term.
14. Wildcat strikes should be legalized.
15. What you need to know to prevent serious complications with body piercings.
16. Only buy energy efficient household appliances.
17. Outsourcing is a good solution for small business owners.
18. Every citizen should commit to 2,000 hours of voluntary national service in lifetime.
Persuasive speech topics for free on foreign policy and international issues:
1. No-fly lists of airliners do have a lack of accuracy.
2. Mankind is responsible for the large loss of biodiversity.
3. We need an international forestry agency.
4. Water is a hot issue in the Middle East.
5. An international certification system for diamond exploration prevents conflict-diamonds trade.
6. Never negotiate with terrorists.
7. Water saving methods work in several regions of Africa.
8. Russia is a growing threath.
9. Jerusalem must remain an undivided city.
10. America should stop being the world's policeman.
11. We need a Marshall Plan for Afghanistan.
12. The civil rights movement is a success.
13. Keep talking to the North Koreans.
These public speaking topics samples are not my opinions, they are just persuasive speech topics for free.

1. The government should be persuaded to pay for all healthcare. By the way you can fill in other verbs and nouns in most of the free persuasive speech topics in this list. Just tweak.
2. Teachers are not safe in schools.
3. We are better off today than we were eight years ago.
4. We are killing the rainforest.
5. Children in ... fill in the nation of your choice ... are living better.
6. Continue the war on drugs by attacking the ingredients needed.
7. DNA databases jeopardize our privacy.
8. Vanity is not a valid reason for cosmetic plastic surgery.
9. The rich pay, don't pay enough taxes.
10. Return extra taxes collected to those who paid.
11. All MP3 music belong in the free public domain.
12. Needle exchange programs help to prevent.
13. Mothers should be persuaded to avoid fighting in militairy combat front lines.
14. Free speech don't include, include hate speech.
15. Spam e-mails should be, should not be outlawed.
16. We need a single food safety agency. Remember, replace the nouns and you can write easily other free persuasive speech topics.
17. Downloading copyrighted MP3s is not, is wrong.
18. Gay couples should be, should not be allowed to marry.
19. Higher energy prices is a sacrifice we have to make for cleaner fuels.
20. Home schooling provides a better education, is worse for your child.
21. Honesty, integrity and a persuasive mentality are the most important qualities of an elected official. Or vary on the qualities and create your own free persuasive speech topics on gouvernement, state or local politicians.
22. Zero tolerance is a useful instrument to prevent violence.
23. Babysitters younger than 16 years should be forbidden.
24. Human cloning is bad, is good.
25. Restrict every household to 60 gallon can on trash a week.

1. Help the homeless down the street and persuade them to look for work.
2. Irradiated meat is not safe.
3. College education is a basic need today.
4. The change of our climate is, is not natural.
5. The quality of education is, is not lower than 15 years ago.
6. Fast food causes obesity. Tip: other health related issues and effects also can be transformed into free persuasive speech topics.
7. Lower the drinking age.
8. Women are not, are fairly portrayed in the media.
9. Water pollution is the World's biggest problem today.
10. Live with your lover before getting married.
11. A child should be at least 10 years before staying home alone in a safe neighborhood.
12. Private campaign contributions should be expanded / should be banned.
13. People from other countries have to, don't have to learn English if they want to live here.
14. Freedom is more important than security.
15. Juvenile delinquents should be sentenced to bootcamp.
16. The U.S.-Mexican border fence works, doesn't work.
17. Using a cell phone while driving ought to be, ought not to be punished.
18. Prayer in public schools are wrong, not wrong.
19. Princess Diana's death was not, was a tragic accident.
20. Teachers must be paid based on performance. Take this free speech topic only if you have very strong arguments to persuade your speech class mates as well as your teacher!
21. Ban the sale of guns at shops and stores.
22. Rural development is the main cause of wildfires.
23. Tobacco billboards are wrong.
24. Agree with a flat tax system.
25. Convicted felons do not have the right to vote, or choose other rights of convicted people to invent a free persuasive speech topic.
The public speaking statements to persuade in this list above are not reflecting my opinions. I just want to show you the possibilities to invent a free persuasive speech topic.
First, so-called fact claims for persuasive public speaking assignments can be:
Sanctions on Myanmar have proven to be largely ineffective.
Strong unions are necessary in times of economic growth.
There are too many people on earth.
Sometimes force and violence are needed to make peace.
Power to the people is not reality in our democracy.
Performance-related pay would enhance motivation.
How housecleaning could be fun when you organize it differently.
Car emissions testing is a waste of energy.
Why computer nerds are unpopular.
Why you should like to pay your taxes.
Now some example of persuasive topics for speech writing on values:
National lotteries have the moral duty to help gambling addicts.
When will the Olympic Dream come true?
It's not cowardly to refuse to fight in a war.
Being a pacifist is equal to being naive.
Parents should be liable for illegal activities of their children.
Polygamy should be legalized.
Political correctness kills freedom of speech.
Capitalism is not better than communism.
Workplace dating is wrong.
The only answer to cruelty is kindness.
And finally a few persuasive topics for speech presentations on a policy:
Always choose open source software in stead of Microsoft.
An opt-out system of organ donation is the most effective.
A student may not wear a headscarf at school tests.
Why the National Missile Defense should not be deployed.
Efforts to bring Nazi war crime suspects to trial may never be stopped.
Maintain the separation of church and state.
Government should have the authority to decide who can have children.
Lock your guns if there are underaged children in the household.
Brush your teeth twice a day, it keeps the dentist away!
Terminally ill patients should rely on a hospital hospice program.

• Do schools have the right to search students’ lockers?
Should children be given sex education in schools, or should this be the responsibility of the parents?
Should the state fund schools run by particular faiths?
Should schools require their students to wear a school uniform?
Are beauty contests harmful?
Should Physical Education in schools be compulsory?
Should parents be held morally and legally responsible for the actions/needs of their children?
Should young people be subjected to curfews as a way to reduce crime?
Should doctors be allowed to prescribe contraception for girls under the age of 16?
Is physical force a justifiable method of punishing children?
Should governments be sending people into space?
Should governments negotiate with terrorists?
Can terrorism ever be justified?
Should negative advertising in political campaigns be banned?
Should governments censor material on the world wide web?
Should the government censor lyrics of songs that are violent or expletive, for example “gangsta” rap?
Does television have a negative influence on society?
Should flag burning as a form of protest be prohibited?
Should the state be fully privatized?
Should ‘factory farming’ be banned?
Is it morally acceptable to experiment on non-human animals to develop products and medicines that benefit human beings?
Should we be trying to prevent species becoming extinct? If so, why?
Should the present international ban on trading elephant ivory be lifted?
Should the international ban on the hunting of whales be lifted?
Should we ban the keeping of animals in zoos?
Should we ban the keeping of animals in circuses?
Should acts of hate be criminalized?
What acts should be considered hate crimes?
Is it correct for university authorities to ban hate speech?
Should schools be allowed to teach creationism alongside evolution as part of their science curriculum?
Should examinations be replaced with other forms of assessment?
Should school students face mandatory drug-tests?
Should continued office for public officials be dependent on (successfully) taking a drug test?
Should HIV positive workers have to tell their employers of their status?
Should sex offenders be named and shamed?
Can the assassination of a dictator be justified?
Should assisted suicide be legalized?
Should we legalize the sale of human organs?
Should the numbers of women in the legislature be raised artificially?
Should mothers stay at home to raise their children?
Should prostitution be legalized?
Should the morning-after pill be banned?
Should popular consumerist images of women be banned because they are violent?
Should cell phone use in cars be banned?
Should gambling be legalized and regulated?
Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport be legalized?
Is sport really good for us?
Are uniforms in middle school a good idea?
Should high schoolers have to pass the high school exam to get a diploma?
Should organ donors be paid?

the negatives/positives of animal testing, should schools have uniforms or not??, driving/drinking age, conscription/the draft, euthanasia, is television have a positive or negative influence on children??

Lesson on the goals of persuasion and the types of persuasive speeches See Appendix D (35 min)
1. Goals of Persuasive Speeches
a. changing attitudes
b. changing beliefs
c. changing behavior
2. Types of Persuasive Speeches
a. political speeches
b. speeches advocating social changes
c. advertisements
d. sermons
e. motivational speeches
Goals of Persuasion
1. Changing Attitudes: To move audience member sin such a way that they feel more positively or negatively about a speech topic. The speaker's overriding goals is to change the audience's feelings or emotions about a particular idea, practice, policy, or product.
2. Changing Beliefs: To change how the audience thinks about the topic of the speech. The speaker's overriding goal is to motivate the audience to accept a new set of beliefs.
3. Changing Behavior: To motivate the audience into taking some kind of action or at least making a commitment to take action.
Types of Persuasive Speeches
1. Political Speeches: The overriding goals of a political speech are to reinforce audience beliefs and secure votes at the polls. Professional political campaign strategists are called upon by political parties to write campaign speeches, handle the press, interpret opinion poll and focus group data, prioritize the issues, schedule meetings and presentations, and carry out other important tasks. Political speeches are highly crafted, thoroughly tested, and well rehearsed. No single phrase, look, or gesture goes unnoticed under the close scrutiny of the press and the American people. It is no wonder, then, that politicians rely on these experts to successfully "package" the candidates themselves and their ideas.
2. Speeches Advocating Social Change: Many televised speeches emphasize social change. Advocates of social change tell us how we should feel, think, or behave- with the greatest emphasis being placed on behavior change. Persuasive speeches advocating social change are essential for a thriving democracy and provide an open market for introducing new ideas and challenging old ones.
3. Advertisements: Today, advertising speeches promise to change your life- from exercise equipment and special diets to cosmetic makeovers, gourmet cookware, and car wax. These so-called infomercials pitch a consumable product that the media audience is supposed to run right out and purchase or, better yet, order from a convenient 1-800 number! Obviously, the overriding goal of advertising speeches is behavioral change- here's the product, now purchase it.
4. Sermons: The primary goal of most sermons or religious presentations is to change or reinforce an audience's attitude toward God or some other supreme being or beings. The sermon is designed to share a vision of eternal life; to give meaning to our existence; and to help us lead a good and moral life.
5. Motivational: These speeches are designed to persuade audience members to feel better about themselves. Motivational speeches are also designed to incite people to do something about their lives. their primary goal is attitude change--and, hopefully, behavior change. Motivational speeches typically begin by acknowledging the sorry state we are all in. After the gloomy entry, the motivational speaker then helps us rethink our lives. We are told that we need not remain in this awful condition and that we can and must change.

Information taken from
Patricia Kearney and Timothy G. Plax
Public Speaking in a Diverse Society

List of Persuasive Speech Topics
1. Abortion
2. Adoption
3. Affirmative Action Laws
4. Aids choices for Life
5. Air Bags
6. Aliens and UFO's: Yes or no
7. Amnesty: Should prisoners receive this?
8. Animal Rights
9. Are there Angels among us?
10. Assisted Suicide
11. Bigamy
12. Birth Control
13. Books: are they a thing of the past
14. Breast Feeding in Public
15. Breast Implants
16. Beauty is more than skin deep
17. Brand Names cost more, but is the quality any better
18. Budgeting as well as spending
19. Campus Issues - Dating
20. Campus Issues - Greek Life
21. Campus Issues - Student Fees
22. Campus Issues - Student Funding
23. Campus Issues - Student Govt.
24. Campus Issues - Student Life
25. Campus Issues - Technology
26. Capital Punishment
27. Censorship of Internet
28. Chat Rooms: Are they safe
29. City Curfews
30. Cloning
31. Conservation and Recycling: Is it Important
32. Cults Kill
33. Does Dieting lead to Eating Disorders
34. Discrimination Laws
35. Divorce: Does it destroy children
36. Donor Insemination: Selling Babies
37. Dr. Kevorkian
38. Drinking Age
39. Drug Legalization
40. Drunk Driving
41. Eating Less Meat
42. Ebonics
43. Euthanasia
44. Feminism
45. Filtering Internet
46. Food Additives
47. Food Stamps
48. Foreign Policy
49. Fur is not a Fashion Statement (using animal fur for coats)
50. Should American companies go overseas for workers?
51. Gay Marriages
52. Gene Testing
53. Genetic Engineering
54. Ghosts: Are they real
55. Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
56. Government Regulation of Utilities
57. Gun Laws
58. Gun Control
59. Human Cloning
60. Hunting Laws
61. Illiteracy: Is it a problem
62. Immigrants and Illegal Aliens
63. Immunity Rights for Political Leaders
64. Legalizing Marijuana
65. Legalized Gambling
66. Mandatory Seatbelt Laws
67. Media Ethics
68. Medicare
69. Mothers should stay at home
70. Nuclear Weapons
71. Online Gambling
72. Organ Transplants
73. Pesticide Use
74. Prayer in Schools
75. Priests: Should they be allowed to marry?
76. Privacy rights for Celebrities
77. Public Office Terms
78. Reincarnation
79. Religions: Should they interfere with medical care?
80. Right to own Pitbulls
81. Smoking in Public Places
82. Space Program
83. Speed Limits
84. Steroids
85. Is stomach stapling the way to lose weight?
86. Tax Laws
87. Terrorism
88. Test Tube Babies
89. Tobacco
90. Unemployment Compensation
91. Women in the Military
92. Wrestling and Football: Should girls be allowed?

Persuasive Speech Topics
• The case for organ donation

• The need for recycling
• Why the death penalty should be abolished
• The need for gun control
• The dangers of taking illegal steroids
• How to pay off your credit card
• Avoiding drinking or drunk driving
• Why we should abolish school uniform
• Global Warming - What we can do about it
• Why we should wear seat belts in cars
• Why you should become a blood donor
• The dangers of gambling
• Gay marriage
• Euthanasia
• Avoiding student debt
• Avoiding junk food
• Pay off your student loan in three easy steps
• Volunteering - What can you do about it?
• Golf - the best hobby in the world or a complete waste of time?
• Ten good tips for legal tax avoidance
• Three easy ways to improve your time management
• Can drugs reverse the ageing process?
• If you believe - they put a man on the moon
• Ten things you can do for a Dollar/ Euro/ Pound
• What you should wear for your next date/ job interview

More topics
• Animal rights
• I can make you thin
• Princess Diana - a cover up?
• Internet - the death of the newspaper?
• Can we eradicate AIDS in Africa?
• Is Broadband economic in rural areas?
• What good is keep fit?
• Sex, drugs and rock and roll - good fun or a major health hazard?
• Getting to the top of the waiting list
• Road congestion charging - the way of the future?
• Dogs - wolves in the living room or man's best friend?
• 7 easy ways to simplify your life?
• The five day detox
• The Loch Ness monster really does exist
• Creative thinking
• Has the DaVinci code just been made up?
• Half man - half robot. Should we be scared?
• Political
• Creative thinking
• Vote for me
• Why there should be a United States of Europe
• An easy way to give up smoking
• Why prostitution should be legalized
• How we can get more people to vote?
• Why the death penalty should be abolished in the United States
• Why we should not consume genetically modified crops?
• Should religious clothes be banned in schools?
• The war in Iraq - was it justified?
• Famous lives
• The greatest American./ Briton/ French Person/ Scientist/ Discoverer/ Adventurer of all time
• Scott of the Antarctic - hero or failure?
• Winston Churchill - good man or a famous alcoholic?



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Persuasive speaking Study Guide and notes


Persuasive speaking Study Guide and notes


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Persuasive speaking Study Guide and notes



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